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British Wheelchair Sports – Case Studies

The National Junior Games,which took place at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, featured on ITV news earlier this week. We wish to demonstrate how sports can aid disabled people in building confidence and aspirations, in addition to improving both mental and physical health.

Here’s one of a set of case studies from participants and their parents who give their own personal accounts of how the Games have benefited them both mentally and physically.

Wheelpower - British Wheelchair Sports for people with Disabilities -Sport Kingston

Jessica Green, Age 14 years

Jessica’s thoughts on the Games?

“Really good fun. I’ve been doing archery, powerlifting 20 kilos. I’ve been on TV, (National Junior Games feature on ITV news) it was really good being on TV, I feel more famous and I’ve been signing autographs.

What about taking part in the junior games?

I felt really excited to come down here because meeting new friends, meeting loads of new friends. I’ve tried boccia, it’s good, powerlifting and handcycling. It was really scary at first, because I felt I was falling off the bike, but you get used to it. (What about the speed?) I felt like I was running.

What other sports have you done?

Archery, wheelchair slalom, shot put, discus and swimming.

Did you go to the disco last night?

Yes, it was a bit loud, I’ve got a sore throat from all that singing,

Wheelpower – British Wheelchair Sport

WheelPower provides opportunities for disabled people to get into sport and lead active lives.


Wheelpower - British Wheelchair Sports for people with Disabilities -Sport Kingston